Karibi Consultants is your trusted second citizenship partner.

Vision & Mission

At Karibi Consultants we aim to be your trusted partner for second citizenship by investment, providing you with a reliable and thorough service for your second passport application.

With the global network of reliable partners, we work together taking all necessary steps to ensure that the administration of your application is handled with discretion through a timely and effortless process, providing you with a sought after passport.

Our Values

Karibi Consultants specializes in second citizenship by investment programs with global partnerships and presence. We keep in touch with our customers throughout the process and pride ourselves in our confidentiality, punctuality and transparency. We differentiate ourselves from others through our first-class service where you can have confidence in our undivided attention to detail and your needs at all times.

Why Karibi

A seamless end-to-end experience, from the consulting phase to achieving the citizenship by investment program. Our operational model allows us to execute all the required processes in a timely manner, taking you through an effortless process leading to your sought after custom citizenship solution.


What our customers say

Karibi Consultants dedicated team has a tremendous amount of expertise in citizenship processing and managing foreign direct citizenship by investment program directly with government bodies.

In addition to our efficient and seamless operational model we leverage a global network to provide our clients with a wide range of solutions geographically.

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citizenship by investment program

Helping individuals and families obtain their second passport. We operate in full compliance with government regulations, and take your needs into consideration whilst confidentially providing you with a seamless and transparent process.

Citizenship Process

We offer an efficient service to process your application, giving it the attention it deserves to ensure it is given the best possibility of success, allowing you full security for your citizenship by investment program and a second passport for you and your family.
1. Free Consultation

citizenship by investment program – This includes guiding our clients understand for the best investment option to suit their needs, whether by donation or investing in real estate. We learn about our clients, their family members, and their situation before going through the costs involved for the various options. At the end of this stage, we provide a full quotation for your consideration.

2. Free Validation

Once you have agreed on the quotation, we examine and validate all the required documents. Ensuring that the client would not waste time and money before knowing for certain that their application is eligible.

3. Submission of required documents

We then translate and notarise all required documents, and fill in all government forms. Ensuring that they are fully compliant with government requirements and regulations. Then, we prepare a full file for a final submission.

4. Apply for initial approval

At this stage, all the pre-screened documents are sent to the various government agencies for processing. During this time, we follow-up closely with our agencies in Dominica to ensure a timely and speedy process. We keep in touch with our clients for any further goverments clarifications and update the customer on the status.

5. Approvals & Payments

Once the initial approval is secured, a request for funds will be made by the government. When the funds are cleared, we will apply for final citizenship certificate and passport documentations.

6. Congratulations, your passport is now ready.

Once all the approvals are done, and the payment has been completed in full, we will then arrange to securely handover the passport. Congratulations, your second citizenship by immigration is complete. If you need any help in the future, please contact us and we can always help you out.

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